April 12, 2013

Why use NHibernate ? Advantages of NHibernate

An Object relational mapping (ORM), as shown from the name, is used to map the objects to a relational database. Now, to clarify, by relational database […]
April 5, 2013

Pass-by-Value Please (Cup Size continued)

Reblogged If you haven’t read the Cup Size story, this one won’t make sense. Or it will make sense, but you’ll think its really stupid. Or you […]
February 15, 2013

Two service methods in HttpServlet class

Whenever we write a servlet, we inherit our class from HttpServlet which contains two service methods. Let’s have a look at the difference between both. This […]
February 5, 2013

Cup Size – A story about variables

  The Coffee Corral coffeehouse at the Ranch is famous around these parts for its unique cup collection. If you really need to understand the way […]
February 2, 2013

Abstract Classes Vs Interfaces – When to use which

This is one of the mostly asked question in job interviews or other professional gatherings. Most of the candidates are able to tell the difference but […]
January 29, 2013

Native methods in java – Java Native Interface (JNI)

java.lang.Object class defined like [crayon-6572c5edc37b5827897154/] Now, in spite of having two years of hands on experience in java and related technologies, I didn’t know that it is a […]
January 25, 2013

Java Generics and Its advantages

Java Generics is a simple and great feature of the java technology. I have been asked about it in many job interviews and professional gatherings. In […]
January 23, 2013

Why Hibernate should be chosen for projects ? Advantages of Hibernate

I have been working on various projects in which I used hibernate in many projects. However, when in an interview, I was asked about why one […]